Live for Barbeque Shrimp!

Dreams of the 100B human future that is sustainable and independent are what power this quick read.  The dive into aquaponics and robotic construction  paint a future with exploding space and opportunity for growing humanity. (1 hour of dreams)

Robots and Cowhands

The Singularity is barreling down on the world and “Walden Shock” shows what stepping into the future will encompass. Example, an exoskeleton teaching you Jimmie Page guitar fingerings! The last few pages of this rollicking story lists spoilers pointing into the futuristic predictions. The explosion of our tech will usher in the new #GoldenAge for mankind.  Cowboys, robots, and the Constitution. #EminentDestiny

Buffalo Soldier Trace

Texas is history, a history filled with strange and amazing feats.  When a PhD in Computer Science traces her family into West Texas she frees a spirit that has always powered pioneers and one that energizes our future even today.

When will it be time?

Thomas Paine said almost 250 years ago, “government even in its best state is but a necessary evil “. In ten pages KDS shows how a $10.99 political donation initiates feedback on government spending. This short pamphlet (1 hour), modeled on “Common Sense”, leans into unique processes implemented using technology, and existing proven systems, to give free people control of their governments. #1099-GOV #MyNPR